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Experience the Essence of Kerala: Straight from Farmers to You.

Experience the essence of the Western Ghats in Idukki with ‘ElamSpices’, Kerala’s  supplier of authentic cardamom. Delivered straight to your door, our carefully curated selection of farm-fresh spices captures the true spirit of the famed “Land of Spices.” From our own meticulously cultivated farms, we bring you a handpicked assortment that guarantees unmatched quality. Among our treasures is the coveted “Queen of Spices” – cardamom. Enhance your culinary journey with premium spices, all available at unbeatable prices, only from ‘ElamSpices’.

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We sell authentic and high-quality spices


Experience the Essence of Spices: From Farmers to Your Hands.


Our spices undergo meticulous processing to ensure the preservation of their aroma and flavors, delivering a fresh and aromatic experience.

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Select from an extensive variety of spices, Ayurvedic items, essential oils, and other farm products.


We responsibly deliver the finest quality, freshest organic or naturally produced spices to our customers.

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